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How to choose the perfect lipstick color

Are you clueless about what lipstick color suits you best? Say no more, we’re here to help you! Lipstick is actually, a big deal and choosing the right one can be a bit tricky.

Choosing the perfect lipstick is almost an art and it depends on many factors. But after reading this guide, you will have the tools to choose the perfect lipstick for you.

1-Lighter skins: pastel tones and all the variety or rose. Colors such as beige, peach, pale rose and even fuchsia will match perfectly with your skin tone.

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2- Tanned skins: the colors from the orange shade will be your best choice. Also, gold and copper colored tones will enhance your makeup in the right direction.

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3- Dark skins: use tones in the shade of brown, purple and bronze. Colors such as caramel, hazelnut, wine shine and plum will look great on you!

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4- Mature skins: use a lipstick with one tone up of your natural skin color, with the purpose of getting more bright and light on your face.

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Bonus tip: Lighter tones make your lips look bigger, while dark tones make them seem smaller. Also, colors with a matte tone make the mouth look thinner and shinier colors make it appear more thick.

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