11 life-hacks to always look beautiful and be in a good mood


1. Start your day with exercise. Physical activity is not only healthy but also, fills you with positive energy that will light up your soul and even improve the appearance of your skin.

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2. Use something new every week: a lipstick, a piece of clothing, a new beauty product. However, we are not only speaking about objects, try also to find new ways to renew yourself and create some dynamic in your life. An interesting book, a hobby or even an exciting tv show are some examples of it.

3. Try a new hair style: change your color or get a different haircut. You will feel more confident and most important of all, you will look stunning.

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4. Do not go to bed without removing your makeup and cleaning your face. Cleaning properly your face will add years to your youthful spirit.

5. Wearing makeup is fun and that’s why you should try out every once in a while new makeup style. Don’t be afraid to test new combinations or tricks to improve your everyday look.

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6. Whenever you look in the mirror, try to focus on what you love about yourself.

7. And always remember to highlight your greatest features: if you like your eyes, you can use makeup to enhance your look in a unique way.

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8. Smile!, Smile!, Smile! It sounds obvious, right? But despite of that, days go by without your beautiful smile. It will always make you look better!

9. New clothes, new hairstyle and new makeup, you will feel brand new after doing this!

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10. Listen whenever you can to your favorite songs. Music is a great way to cheer you up.

11. A nice travel is always a nice choice. New places, new cultures and new people will always improve your happiness. The pleasure of traveling will project in each part of you your inner joy.